Fair Oaks, CA Information

History: Fair Oaks was part of the original 1844 Mexican Land Grant, Rancho San Juan. This land grant also encompassed much of the adjacent communities, giving this larger area a common heritage.
The are we know as Fair Oaks was first developed in 1895 as a Sunset Colony of the Howard and Wilson Publishing Company of Chicago. The early colonists, many with academic educations or agricultural experience, applied their skills, energies and capital to the development of the new town while enjoying this beautiful new territory. For more extensive history of Fair Oaks, see "The History of Fair Oaks" by Steve Abbott or visit the Historical Society at 10340 Fair Oaks Blvd. or online at www.FairOaksHistory.org

Location: Fair Oaks is seventeen miles northeast of Sacramento on the north bank of the beautiful American River, two miles north of U.S. Highway 50.

Elevation: Low 70 – High 147
Average Rain Fall: 18 to 20 inches
Prevailing Winds: Southwest at 8 mph
Temperature: 115 high to 25 low
Coldest Months: December to February
Hottest Months: August to September
Most Rain: December to March
Population: 30,912 (2010)
Sales Tax: 8%
Sacramento County Services & Districts: Refuse, sewer, law enforcement and fire protection

Gas: PG & E
Electricity: SMUD
Water: Fair Oaks Water District

Government: Fair Oaks is unincorporated
with Sacramento County providing road, sheriff, and other services. Local government is by self-governing park, school, cemetery, sanitation, and water districts.